Writing is a lot of work and internal critiquing – and if you are in for only excellent result – that work would include deep research, loads of feedback and countless rewrites.

But not everyone has the luxury of help from industry professionals to put you on track, nor friends with enough time on their hands to read a 90-paged screenplay and send you feedback. To cap it all, it can be so daunting getting to work your way up, all by yourself, to those high-paying option deals and writers room we all want.

Therefore, as aspiring and emerging screenwriters, I figured the better and bigger the community and creative friends you have the more likely you are to succeed in the industry of screenwriting.

Except this is just a spare-time hobby for you, you cannot do this alone.

A lot of people synonymize isolation with genius creativity, but this is quite misleading. The truth of genius creativity is hidden in the conscious ability to feed yourself with rich resources and a robust amount of ideas – only then can your genius come like free-flowing tributaries.

We all need critical feedback and a fresh perspective to fine-tune our writing. And there are very few of those communities that truly cater to the African writer.

In a bid to offer our filmmakers access to a wide range of stories by Africans and for Africans, Albantsho positions itself as an OPEN community where that need is duly met and where writers learn, nurture each other and get better opportunities.


We do this by fostering transnational collaborations, monthly masterclasses, peer reviews, film essays, perspective research with guided and unguided scripting processes for every writer who is passionate about creating authentically nuanced screenplays for the next generation of African Cinema and Television.

If you are interested to join click the image below.


See you at the other side!