You are here! Again I must say, welcome to this very important path in our Albantsho Village.  

Maybe you have wandered out here out of curiosity, or in search of help for your screenwriting career. Or you’re at a crossroad – beginning to consider a  change in career altogether – because nothing seems to work, and no one is buying your scripts. Sigh.

But here is the laden fact, not everyone is cut out for this screenwriting business.

Bummer right? Yet that is the awkward truth, and this blog is not another checklist for you to ascertain your divine calling in life and how to fix what’s broken – nothing ever is that simple. 

But after coming from this experience, my partner and I found the perfect hack for the African terrain and we started this community to share this amazing yet unknown hack on how to break into the business of screenwriting and excel.

What is this hack?

It is a formidable communal environment which thrives on collaboration and critical support for writers across all cultures and backgrounds in Africa. I think it all starts from knowing that you are not alone, and finding that tribe to help you grow.

We pick brains from a wide range of information on the internet, leverage on the relationship with people, learn the best practices by trying and trying again. That is the mission we are on.

Although scriptwriting involves a special writing format and blueprints you MUST master.  It is the heart, people, and the sheer spirit of collaboration in Albantsho that really makes the abundance of difference, brings the soul to your learnings, and opportunities to your doorsteps.

However, there are still a few things you should check to ascertain if this journey is truly meant for you.

Yes, it is a checklist, I lied.


What is your curiosity quotient?


To make the most of screenwriting, you must be an unrepentant movie buff, curious about all forms of cinema and storytelling. Particularly, the African new wave of filmmaking – this is the part that makes us tick!

You have to be present with the times and learn about history so we can better tell it to others. The quality of your writing is increased by knowledge, and curiosity is the catalyst for that learning. 


Does writing make you feel complete?


If you don’t live and breathe in your stories you could as well let it die a painless death now. Screenwriting comes with its rollercoaster of rejections, and it requires the patience of a lover to keep you going. 

The love for writing will push you to do better after every failure. This would also be the fuel that surges through you when you have to stay up at unconventional working hours researching or rewriting your ideas.


Do you pay attention?


This is more like being curious, but not in the search-of-knowledge type of way. It is about being attentive to the stories around you – the sound of great dialogue, the spark of ideas coming from inanimate and animate objects alike.

It is paying attention to the philosophy of things. There are great stories around us, but it only happens to those who can see them.

If you made it up to this point, you are probably wondering, so what next?

Don’t be afraid.

Starting this community and blog is a testament to the only thing that I am going to prescribe to you that actually works – which is to do it. And continue…

Write it. Review it. Rewrite it, and Sell it. 

And we promise you will sell it.

So join us and let us give you space and opportunity to learn, collaborate and sell your works to our large repertoire of clients.

If this is what you want, we are happy to be of help.

Join here.