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The Assault

Title: The Assault
Genre: Dark-comedy Drama
Logline: A timid, dorky college boy unwittingly perpetuates a crime of rape to prove himself to a set of bullies, setting a socially conscious group hot on his trail to get justice.
Type: Feature
Pages: 96
Cast no: 5 Main, several Support
Production: Medium-High Budget

Shut In

Title : Shut In
Genre : Supernatural Drama
Logline : After marrying a total stranger to fulfil a bucket list, a dying woman shuffles
between her temporarily happy life and a very apparent lie – nothing is real.
Type : Feature
Pages : 90
Cast no : 4Main, 4 Support
Production : Medium budget

Once Upon A Fable

Title : Once Upon A Fable
Genre : Thriller
Logline : An old fable comes alive in the dorm room of a young college student who has spent most of her life doubting it.
Type : Shortfilm
Pages : 5pages
Cast no : 1 Main
Production : Low budget.


Title : Okpopkise
Genre : Comedy-drama
Logline : A plus-size woman recounts what it is like to hate her life, lose self-esteem and live in a loveless abusive marriage, but an uncanny twist in her own story forces her to see things differently.
Type : Feature
Pages : 98
Cast no: 3 Main
Production : Medium-low budget

KM 17

Title: KM 17
Genre: Thriller
Logline: In the dystopic city of Lagos, a young woman goes in search of her missing sister but gets stuck in a long car ride, in the exact fetish pattern, and with the same man who kidnapped her.
Type: Feature
Pages: 90
Cast no : 3 Main, a few Extras
Production : Medium Budget

African Beauty

Title : African Beauty
Genre : Drama
Logline : After a popular pole dancer loses her brother in a very brutal way, she sets sail across the continent in search of love and a prestigious career but her past life and trauma get in the way.
Type : Serial
Pages :
Cast no: 4 Main
Production : High budget



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